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Questiondo you like having a tongue in your ass? Answer

Hm. It’s technically TMI Tuesday in three minutes, but,

I have not tried it yet, but I hear it’s one of the most enjoyable forms of foreplay.

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QuestionDo you ever hear anyone (Sebastian and Jeff) having sex in the Dalton dorms? Answer

I have heard a couple fornicating before, but I’m not at liberty to say if it was Jeff and Sebastian or not!

QuestionTrenty... are you ok? If you need someone to talk to, I'm here for my panda warbler. Answer

I’m very much so okay…are you okay? I’m here for you, as well, yknow.

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QuestionYou look like Kurt. Answer

I don’t think I do, nor have I ever heard that before. Thank you, I think?

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QuestionDo you smell like a wet dog? Answer

…I…don’t…think so…

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QuestionWhat's it like being the least talented Warbler? Answer

I wouldn’t know, considering that is not my identifier.

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QuestionDo you like corn? Answer

As in the food? I like loose corn , sure.

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QuestionIf it was possible, would you want to be able to get pregnant and have a kid? Answer

Im not sure if I’d particularly like to be pregnant, but I would adore having children someday. It would mean a lot if the child was genetically and biologically related to me, but, yknow , in vitro is an option.

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Questionhey trent, any big plans for the weekend?? *hugs* Answer

Not really, no.

QuestionGood afternoon, how are you? :) Answer

I’m good, how are you?